Alina Yakirevitch


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and
Love the Projected Image

Installation/Performance , 2018
Actress: Yael Mor
Performer: Aaron Maseri
This is a site-specific work, reacting to the space of Gabirol Gallery in Tel Aviv. The gallery was situated in the building that used to be the Israeli telephone company headquarters. The large space felt cold and industrial, echoing the vacancy of the discontinued labour which used to take place between those walls. I chose to leave the room empty, despite a twin mattress on which lay a performer, who is a professional live nude model. The man, in his seventies, had only a white unbuttoned shirt on his body, and lay on his stomach, revealing his exposed buttocks.
On the wall next to him there was a mute video projected in large scale. The video featured a young woman, a professional actress, captured speaking to the camera. The moments left in the video are those in which she is not acting, being distracted or having a break, chatting with the cinematographer. The projection was placed above the live model and was physically larger than him.

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